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The Complete Testing Lab for




baby food.

pet food.


personal care.




baby food.

pet food.


personal care.

The system of record for quality and compliance.


day turnaround for all routine tests,
including heavy metals


cheaper than industry averages
for the same tests


platform for all testing, compliance,
and COA management

Quality management made easy for brands and manufacturers.

Light Labs Facility

Our laboratory is equipped with best-in-class instrumentation, including LCMS, GCMS, and ICPMS - this enables us to achieve sub-1 part per billion (ppb) levels of detection, ensuring the highest accuracy and reliability in identifying contaminants and residues in food products.

Light Labs is revolutionizing the antiquated industry of lab testing and regulatory compliance. Not only are they nimble enough to keep pace with a fast-growing consumer brand, their service is seamless and customer experience is top-notch.

Ben Lewis, Founder and CEO

Light Labs is 3x faster and saves an average of 30% per year on testing costs.

End-to-end testing for modern consumer brands.

Automated Compliance

Ensure all of your tested lots are compliant with laws like Prop 65 or AB 899.

Live Tracking

Track your sample in real time and know when you'll get results.

System of Record

More than just PDFs. Access all of your results in a single platform.

Save Testing Protocols

Speed through your workflow by loading in testing protocols.

Build Consumer Trust

Integrate lab results to product pages, and drive more purchases by highlighting product purity.

Complete Testing Menu

Best-in-class LCMS, GCMS, and ICPMS with sub 1 ppb level of detection.

The command center for brands, backed by our high-throughput lab.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your limits of detection?

Our ICP-MS achieves sub 1 ppb detection limits for most elements.

Are you ISO 17025 certified?

Our ISO 17025 accreditation is pending and will be live by August 2024.

Where is your lab located?

Our full-service analytical testing lab is in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

What are all the tests you can run?

We test for heavy metals, microbes, phthalates, microplastics, nutrition facts panel (NFP), and more. For tests we can't fulfill in-house, we work with trusted labs to test on our behalf.

What is your team's background?

Our lab director has a PhD in heavy metals has decades of experience managing high-performance testing labs with thousands of samples. We have deep expertise in food quality and have scaled brands from 0 to $100M+ in annual revenue.

Can I choose the method to be used for a particular test?

Yes. When checking out in the platform, you’ll be able to select specific methods to use for a particular test.

How does Light Labs help with AB 899 compliance?

The platform enables you to integrate test results with your website and on packaging via QR codes, which are requirements for AB 899.

Unlocking a Future with Cleaner Ingredients

Our supply chain has a problem. Almost everything we consume is becoming increasingly toxic and bereft of nutrition, leading to massive health dysfunction. Nobody knows about it because you can’t see, taste, smell, or quantify the problem:

  • Cinnamon Apple Puree pouches, marketed for children and labeled as preservative-free, kosher, and gluten-free, contained lead levels 200 times greater than the FDA’s proposed guidelines
  • Over 1300 chemicals are banned in cosmetics in the EU, while only 11 banned are in the United States
  • A study of 168 baby foods revealed that 95% contained at least one heavy metal (arsenic, lead, mercury, cadmium), with a quarter containing all four

Better testing lets brands and manufacturers ramp up how much they test, improve the quality of their products, and educate consumers on what they’re actually consuming.

Light Labs is on a mission to bring transparency to our food system with a new testing lab, built from the ground up, making it dead simple to order, interpret, and action on test results.