Modern Lab Testing: Fast, Easy, Accurate

We help brands and manufacturers test more cheaply, quickly, and enable them to use lab results to automate regulatory compliance and grow revenue.

One Lab. All Your Testing.

Run by PhDs with decades of experience managing high-performance testing labs. ISO 17025 Accreditation in progress.

01 Easier and Faster

Order tests with a seamless experience.

  • Order tests with just a few clicks: pick a SKU, pick what tests you want to run, and check out instantly.

  • Get best in class turnaround times and limits of detection for all of your tests, including heavy metals.

02 System of Record

Manage all of your quality and testing data in a single platform.

  • Centralize and simplify your QA process with a single lab for every test: micros, heavy metals, and more.

  • No more Google Drive folders. Store and access your COAs in one place – for every SKU, lot, and test.

03 Compliance

Simplify compliance with critical regulations like AB 899 and Prop 65

  • Get alerts if you’re at risk for noncompliance, and immediately retest out-of-spec samples.

  • Define your own quality standards for every SKU. Drill into individual lots to see your status at a glance.

04 Grow Revenue

Turn lab testing from a QA expense to a marketing investment.

  • Save on certification costs and build trust with customers through transparency with lab results.

  • Drive measurable and meaningful revenue growth, immediately delivering an ROI on testing costs.

Easier and Faster
System of Record
Grow Revenue

The results speak for themselves.

It’s been awesome to use the Light Labs platform to test and share results with customers. Transparent Labs has an incredibly high bar for what we put in our products, and by showcasing test results to customers, we’ve been able to drive a 10% revenue increase for some of our customer base.
John Williams
CEO, Nutra Holdings
4 Hours
QA teams have saved half a day, every week, with Light Labs’ platform to manage testing, track orders, and analyze results in platform.
Brands have grown revenue by 10% by embedding lab results directly with customers, building the ultimate level of trust with complete transparency.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your limits of detection?
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We can test heavy metals down to 1 part per trillion.
Are you ISO 17025 certified?
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We are ISO 17025 Accredidation pending. It’s in progress and we expect to be fully accredited for heavy metals and micro testing by October.
On-demand testing
with Light Labs.
Our Story
Our supply chain has a problem. Almost everything we consume is becoming increasingly toxic and bereft of nutrition, leading to massive health dysfunction. Nobody knows about it because you can’t see, taste, smell, or quantify the problem:
  • Cinnamon Apple Puree pouches, marketed for children and labeled as preservative-free, kosher, and gluten-free, contained lead levels 200 times greater than the FDA’s proposed guidelines
  • Over 1300 chemicals are banned in cosmetics in the EU, while only 11 banned are in the United States
  • A study of 168 baby foods revealed that 95% contained at least one heavy metal (arsenic, lead, mercury, cadmium), with a quarter containing all four
  • Seven out eight samples of kale contained ‘disturbing’ levels of PFAs, with organic kale containing higher levels of the toxic compounds
The key to unlocking a future with cleaner ingredients is better testing. Better testing lets brands and manufacturers ramp up how much they test, improve the quality of their products, and educate consumers on what they’re actually consuming.

We believe in a future where consumers care more and more about what they put on and in their bodies. Light Labs is on a mission to bring transparency to our food system with a new testing lab, built from the ground up, making it dead simple to order, interpret, and action on test results.