Launched in 2014, Canny’s globally distributed team spans over 80 cities around the world.
Canny’s innovative legal platform is the backbone for over 8,000 businesses in diverse sectors.
“Canny was designed to demystify legal procedures, offering a streamlined, on-demand legal service platform.”
Sam Callahan, Founder & CEO
Our Story
In the early days of their entrepreneurial journey, Canny's founders, Rita and Sam, were deeply engaged in launching their own startup. They quickly realized that navigating the legal intricacies of setting up and running a business was a daunting task. The legal challenges, from compliance to incorporation, were overwhelming and detracted from their core business focus.

Faced with this hurdle, Alex and Sam saw an opportunity. They envisioned a platform that could simplify these complex legal processes for businesses of all sizes. The idea was to create a solution that made legal tasks more manageable, efficient, and less intimidating for entrepreneurs and established businesses alike. This vision led to the birth of Canny.
Our Values
Upholding honesty and ethical practices in every aspect, ensuring trust and reliability in all of Canny's interactions and decisions.
Dedicated to continuous evolution, Canny simplifies legal processes with advanced technology, setting new standards in the legal tech landscape.
Committed to making legal support attainable and user-friendly, Canny ensures businesses of all sizes have easy access to essential legal services.
Canny believes in the power of teamwork and partnerships, working closely with clients and legal professionals to develop more effective legal solutions.
“Canny was designed to demystify legal procedures, offering a streamlined, on-demand legal service platform.”
Alana Stein, Founder & CEO
Leadership Team
Sam Callahan
Founder & CEO
Carly Graham
Head of Product
Lisa Hernandez
Head of Finance
Rita Forrest
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Companies worldwide choose Canny to handle their legal affairs,
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